Code review / Static tests

In case when customer has coding rules then he has to prove that code is written based on those rules. We use a variety of tools for static code analysis to demonstrate that coding rules are respected to ensure the highest quality of code.
Sometimes a second person has to manually review the code to see if all assumptions/requirements have been properly implemented. During "walk through" the developer discusses each line of code and then identifies potential risk and improvements. This is the highest level of code review, essential for both high quality and security requirements. In the safety process a company have to define its own coding guidelines. To obtain a certificate it has to be proved that the guidelines are fulfilled. This can be done manually or with the static analysis tools. Static code analysis is usually mandatory for security projects, e.g in the MISRA coding guidelines. The basic analysis can be done by a lot of compilers. Through code review our engineers can find risky parts of the code that can be fix it by the developer.
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