Unit test

Module/unit tests - Testing at the lowest level where individual methods (functions) are tested separately in isolation from the rest of the application to check for compatibility with the defined input type range.
We offer a module/feature testing service for C/C ++ source code using tools available on the market. For this service the customer provides the source code for the C/C ++ function to be tested, ideally along with the technical specifications and extensive comments in the source code. Then the test cases are defined using different techniques and tools compliant with ISO rules. The next step is to generate a test case database so that automated regression tests can be performed and we also run the defined tests. A test that fails or gives a suspicious result is consulted with the customer to determine the reason of the unexpected result.
After the testing of the function is finished we supply test results to the customer including test database, and test case specification. Customer only has to check the test documentation.
What you get from us ?
  • You save valuable resources for testing.
  • You reduce the time to market your product.
  • You avoid the cost of purchasing testing tools.
  • You avoid the training costs of unit testing staff.
  • You receive full test documentation.
  • You receive tests carried out by an independent group.
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